Wise Quote Tattoo For Biceps Or Upper Arm

If you like arm quote tattoos then here we have a nice quote tattoo for your biceps. Alternatively, you also can also choose to put it in any place where you would like it most on one of your upper arms.
The tattoo quote says “Life without knowledge is death in disguise” and to make the message even more clear an owl is added on top. Owls represent wisdom and this is one of the wisest quotes I know of.

Strive to learn something new each and every day and your life will be more exiting and your spirit will remain high.

quote tattoo bicep
Wise Quote Tattoo For Biceps

The biceps is also often used to represent strength, so here we have a perfect message that knowledge equals power, a very subtle meaning that not many will recognize so this is why we chose it in the first place. So we hope that you enjoyed this design shown here on quote tattoos.

So if you want to get inked with a great quote tattoo on your biceps now, here we have a great video with the best quotes and sayings of all time. Or at least many of them.


Working as a freelance tattoo artist for many years now I specialize in word tattoo designs and love quotes and textual tattoos, so this is why I have created quotetattoos.org

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